Taio takes clipboard as one of the input sources, you can capture clipboard quickly for temporary use. Saved clippings can be synchronized across your devices using iCloud.

  • Quick Capturing
  • Text Processing
  • iCloud Sync


Taio provides a full-fledged Markdown editor, supports CommonMark and GitHub Flavored standards. File system is open for accessing by other apps, popular formats like tags and wiki links are also supported.

  • Open File System
  • Extension System
  • 100% CommonMark Support


A mechanism to provide extensibility for both clipboard and editor, works similar to the Shortcuts app. For complicated scenarios, you can even leverage the power of JavaScript.

  • Text Workflows
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • JavaScript Runtime by JSBox

More Features

Native UI

We use native components for best user experience, leverage platform features as much as we can. If you enjoy using iOS apps, you should feel right at home.

Optimized for iPad

Instead of resizing an iPhone app, we make iPad the first citizen. Support features like split view or multi-window, also care about hardwares.


Edit and preview multiple files at the same time, with multi-window support, this gives you more flexibility to handle tasks easier.

Keyboard & Trackpad

Full-fledged support for keyboard shortcuts and trackpad pointers, desktop-class experience when external hardwares are connected.

File Templates

It is unnecessary to create files from scratch every time, you can use templates to accelerate. File templates support dynamic contents, such as clipboard and dates.


Great products should be accessible by all people, we do our best to achieve that. Welcome to send feedback for accessibility issues, it is our responsibility to improve.



Forever Free

Many features are free. You can save clipboard, edit Markdown files, sync data between your devices.


From $1.49 with free trial

Advanced features, customizations, and flexibility. Designed especially for Pro users.

To meet a variety of needs, Taio Pro offers Universal Purchase based flexible plans as monthly, yearly and lifetime, with full functionality free trials for subscription models. We also provide discounts for early supporters, and discounted prices will be kept for renewal.

Prices are in U.S. dollars, local pricing may differ, please check the App Store for prices in your region.

Pricing Plan Monthly Yearly Lifetime
Early Bird $1.49 $11.99 $37.99
Standard Price $1.49 $14.49 $46.99
  • Universal Purchase: Pay once to use on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.
  • Lifetime: Works for all future updates, including major ones.
  • Early Bird: For supporters who downloaded Taio before Mar 1, 2021.